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Art Against AidsJewelry by Marie MartinHand Carved Haitian SculptureDrawing by Johanna BairJewelry by Belle Bijoux

Collective World Art Community works with non-profit organizations to provide auction items for their silent and online auctions. These contributions include artwork, jewelry, crafts, glass and furniture from local and regional artists. Including a package of auction items from Collective World adds value, prestige and excitement to our clients' events and allows them to earn extra money with little additional effort.

1. Collective World compiles a selection of works on consignment with us from the artists we represent according to your needs.

2. These items are provided at cost so that the participating artists will be paid for their work. The artist's cost on all of the items we provide is 50% of the item's retail value.

3. There are no up front costs for including these items in your auction. Our clients start the bidding on these items at one bid increment above the artist's cost, which they must repay to the gallery when the item is sold and then keep the difference between the final bid amount and the artist cost.

1. Collective World will provide a list of all the items we are including in your provision for use in your printed material and bid sheets.

2. A representative will deliver the items to your venue during the set up time and set them up for display. We provide all necessary boxes and displays required for these items as well as mirrors for trying on jewelry. Most of our clients assign one or more tables and / or auction boards to Collective World's items which allows the gallery representative to act as a table captain for these tables and facilitate bidding and payment.

3. The representative will remain present for the duration of the event to tell bidders about the artwork and assist them with trying on jewelry. The representative will be responsible for the items for the duration of the event.

4. After the event, the representative will collect and take back any unsold items that did not receive sufficient bids and present you with an invoice for all sold items to be paid within a previously agreed upon time.

For more information, contact Mike Kilgore at 504-339-5237 or email

Click here for a sample agreement and list of items representing a typical provision.

Scroll down to see images of the work Collective World Art Community typically provides to its clients' silent auctions:

Jewelry by Marie MartinStone Sculptures by Gregoire BleusJewelry by Natalie MartinJewelry by Natalie MartinJewelry by Natalie MartinEtched Glass Photography by Drake FullerPrints and Drawings by Elizabeth MelkonyanJewelry by Marie MartinJewelry by Marie MartinJewelry by Marie MartinJewelry by Marie MartinArtwork by Inge von ReusnerArtwork by Anna Maria AchatzDrawings by Johanna BairJewelry by Marie MartinJewelry by Grace KilgoreJewelry by Grace KilgoreJewelry by Grace KilgoreDrawings by Johanna BairPaintings by Robere LordJewelry by Grace KilgoreJewelry by Grace KilgoreJewelry by Grace KilgoreJewelry by Grace KilgoreArtwork by Mike Kilgore

Jewelry by Belle BijouxArtwork by Marco EderArtwork by Mike KilgoreArtwork by Mike KilgoreArtwork by Mike KilgorePaintings by Gustavo DuquePhotography by Anthony SchoeneckerArtwork by Mike KilgoreArtwork and Fashion by The Surrealist AutomatArtwork and Fashion by The Surrealist AutomatPaintings by Brad Dupuy

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