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Giants in the City 

Mad Scientist Ball Collective World Art Community invites you to its 2nd Annual Mad Scientist Ball,
"Artwork, Absinthe & Alchemy"
on February 23 at The Big Top.  Proceeds benefit our project of bringing Giants to the City to the New Orleans Botanical Garden this fall.

Buy Tickets to the Mad Scientist Ball Here

Collective World Art Community is an international community of artists, arts organizations, patrons, arts administrators and friends of the arts. We are a project based arts organization who's mission includes:
  • Nurturing and edifying artists as conveyors of creative expression.
  • Supporting and advancing the arts as a relevant contributor of genuinely valuable insight to the human conversation.
  • Facilitating the exchange and expression of fresh creative ideas among a diverse group of artists and audiences.
  • Exposing divergent communities to creative ideas they don’t normally experience.
  • Facilitating the exchange of relevant creative ideas on a local as well as global level.
  • Empowering artists to serve their communities and make a difference in the world.

Collective World Art Community facilitates artistic exchanges, participates in collaborative arts projects, provides artwork to non-profit charity auctions, businesses and individuals and engages in other projects that help to fulfill its mission.

Art Workshop at Belle Reve
Collective World Art Community collabortes with other organizations to provide arts and crafts workshops and classes to their audience. These include art making classes led by local artist, Mike Kilgore, textile painting with The Surrealist Automat or jewelry making led by local jewelry makers. Workshops and classes are offered for all ages and commonly include those at risk or with special needs. Artists or organizations wishing to hold a workshop or class should contact Mike Kilgore at 504-339-5237 or email

Our mailing address is: 3520 West Metairie Avenue North, Metairie La 70001
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